Tips For Beautiful Feet

Ever wondered why some women seem to have such beautiful feet?  Follow these tips from our nail salon to keep your feet looking fabulous every day of the year!  Taking just a few minutes each day for moisturizing and pampering your feet will have the enormous benefit of helping your feet to not only look good, but to feel good as well!


Feet are notorious for becoming dry and rough around the edges, but you can smooth away the rough spots and dry dead skin by using a good quality exfoliating scrub each day.  Gently massaging exfoliating products into your skin will leave your feet feeling invigorated and improve circulation.  You’ll also experience the pleasure of having super soft, smooth feet to show off in sandals.  It only takes a few minutes to exfoliate the dead dry skin from your feet each day, and the benefits are well worth the time spent.


Just as your hands and face need a dose of moisture every day, so do your hardworking feet!   Look for a good thick moisturizing cream that is rich in natural ingredients that will heal and soothe dry skin and keep your feet feeling soft and supple.  We recommend our signature line of Denver Diva skin care products which are all natural, paraben free, and sulfate free.   Avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol when possible.   Often, alcohol is added to skin care products to make them absorb faster, but the drawback is that the alcohol counteracts the product’s ability to moisturize your skin by drying it out instead.

For a truly moisturizing experience, apply Denver Diva Body Butter to your feet at night before you go to bed.  Massage into your skin, and then wear cotton socks on your feet as you sleep to allow the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate and be fully absorbed into your skin.  In the morning, you will find your feet soft and smooth and ready to meet the world!

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