Gelish VS CND Shellac

Our Denver nail salon guests often ask, “Which is better—Gelish or Shellac manicures?”  Both CND Shellac and Gelish are hugely popular and extremely well known among women who want the longest lasting chip-free manicure and pedicure possible.  How do these two nail products compare?  Which polish is healthier for your nails?   

Both CND Shellac and Gelish offer manicures that dry almost instantly with a mirror-like shine.   Both brands also hold up to the claim of providing long-lasting no chip manicures that will last for weeks.   In a side by side comparison, however, Gelish is the favorite.  


Which lasts longer?
Shellac (by CND)  and Gelish (by Nail Harmony) both provide nail color that is very resistant to chipping.  While Shellac manicures  and pedicures will generally last up to 2 weeks without signs of damage,  Gelish will last even longer!   Gelish nail color gives our nail salon clients up to 21 days of long-wearing color that resists peeling and chipping.    Gelish is the best option for anyone needing a strong, durable polish that will withstand a full schedule of daily activities.   A innovative formula allows the polish to adhere to the keratin in your nails for long-lasting wear.  You can type out a flurry of emails,  work with kitchen utensils, handle your car keys,  run errands and work-out, and take care of family and pets without fear of your manicure or pedicure being damaged in the process.    It’s the polish of choice for busy women who need a nail color that works just as hard as they do.

Which is the safest?

Both products are safe for your nails and are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.   Gelish, however, is much easier to remove and will lift away from nails much more easily during the removal process while Shellac is more difficult to remove and often requires additional scraping and buffing.  
With Shellac, a product called Scrub Fresh is applied to the nail as a prep before the application of the first coat.  The drawback of Scrub Fresh is that it temporarily dehydrates the natural nail.  Gelish uses a different product called PH Bond, to prepare the natural nail surface.  PH Bond simply helps to neutralize the pH level of the nail for a safe prep that does not damage your natural nails.      

Shellac manicures require the use of a UV lamp in order to cure the polish to a durable finish.   A great deal of controversy has arisen over the safety of UV lamps and whether or not exposure to UV light is actually safe for your hands.   
Gelish manicures, on the other hand, are cured under an LED lamp, which is completely different from a UV Lamp.   LED lamps are safe for your skin and hands, and there is no connection to skin cancer or other harmful side effects.    

Which has better nail polish colors?
For color options, Gelish is hands-down the favorite brand.   There are close to 150 colors with amazing effects including shimmers, glitters, and every fashion forward hue imaginable.  While Shellac also has a beautiful color palette, the color choice is not as varied.   The collection contains a majority of reds and several shades that are not as wearable as the Shellac palette of colors.   


Do you have other questions about which products offer the best manicures and pedicures?  Visit Posh Nails Salon in Denver today.  One of our specialists will be happy to help you select the best nail care and skin care products for your individual needs.